Pristine Harvest

Roggedized Magento Telephone Model M-14 For Railways

  • Defense telephone customized to comply with specification IRS TC 36 latest.
  • Desk top, wall mountable or portable (with separate carry pouch).
  • Smooth hand crank generates over 80 V AC for calling signal.
  • Works on any battery or DC power supply from 1.6 to 16 Volts.
  • Built-in battery box for using R20 torchlight cells as alternative power source.
  • Dual coloured LED for Off-Hook cum Battery Level indication.
  • Extra strong cords with trumpet grommets for long life.
  • Magnetic hook switch for dusty or wet environments.
  • Voice focusing handset for noisy locations.
  • Compact dimensions: 250 mm L, 100 mm W and 125 mm H.