Critical locations such as mines, border security areas, oil rigs, power generation establishments and railways depend heavily on safe and efficient execution of day-to-day tasks ranging from the simplest to the most important. In such places, the communications set-up can greatly influence the chances of success and failure, even life and death, to a large extent. The telecom equipment in these critical locations must be rugged, reliable and user-friendly. They must be capable of working relentlessly with little or no maintenance under extreme conditions of weather, environment, exposure and handling.

Telereach, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company from over a decade, is dedicated to excel in this field. Our personnel have been trained for each individual task. Our product manufacturing is divided into sub-assemblies with stage-wise inspections to ensure the highest quality.

Vendors and sub-contractors are carefully selected and a constant professional rapport is maintained to ensure that their quality and punctuality are sustained. True to the saying that quality is not a destination but a moving target, our ambition is to improve as a specialist manufacturer of custom made products for critical areas.

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