Pristine Harvest

M-12 Magneto Telephone

The magneto telephone continues to play an important role in critical areas either as the main means of communication or as a back-up system. Continual design improvements ensure its usefulness in intensifying situations.

Our vast experience and user feedback from across the world have prescribed the features of our latest model M-12, which includes:

  • Durable piezo ringer for efficiency and penetrating sound.
  • Ringer operates even if handset is left Off-Hook.
  • Identical dynamic receiver and transmitter.
  • Micro-switch mechanism for generator change-over.
  • Two stage protection for user circuit against high voltage spikes.
  • High insulation resistance for user protection against lightning shock.
  • High impedance permits use of more telephones in parallel.
  • Flashing multi-coloured LED to indicate Off-Hook condition.
  • Ergonomic handle and canted generator for ease of operation
  • PTFE beasin to ma e enera or virtuall mainten ce-free.
  • Heavy duty handset and line cords for long life.
  • Durable and functional ABS body and handset.
  • Hi-tech speech electronics for clarity and low power usage.
  • Built-in battery box housing two '0' type cells for powering speech electronics.
  • Can also be powered from external DC source of 1.6 to 16 volts.
  • Optionally, can be self powered from own generator (model M-126].

Endearing features of magneto telephones are long distance capability and ability to work without a centralized exchange, thereby eliminating the chance of total network failure. Even the power supply is local to each telephone, and can be just a pair of flashlight batteries. Optionally, the power required can be produced by it's own generator.

Magneto telephones can form efficient and durable communication networks as follows:

A pair of magneto telephones can establish a simple communication link.

Up to fifteen lines, each connected to one or more magneto telephones, can be branched radially around a manual exchange or annunciator to form a more elaborate network.