Pristine Harvest

Lightweight Portable Auto Wire Control Telephone

Two complete telephones in one portable package.

  • Ergonomic shape and weight distribution.
  • Custom-molded robust plastic housing.
  • Non-topple flat contour for stable resting on desk-top.
  • Drizzle-resistant snug fitting of cover and base.
  • Identical dynamic transducers for receiver and transmitter.
  • Transducers positioned as per CCITT guideline.
  • Barrier mouthpiece to curb ambient noise.
  • Push-button mode selection.
  • Heavy duty anchored cord and anti-rupture grommet.
  • Termination by 6 Pin Plug.
  • Total weight with cord and 6 Pin Plug less than 600 gm.
  • Comfortable and durable carry pouch.

4 Wire Control Telephone

  • Guiding specification: IRS TC 78/2000.
  • Power Supply by built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
  • Battery charging through USB port from mobile phone charger.
  • Charges in 4 hours, over 100 hours of talk-time per charge.
  • LED for indicating Charging / Full while charging.
  • LED for indicating Battery Level during Off-Hook.
  • Lockable PTT switch for user comfort.
  • Connection through outer 4 pins of 6 Pin Plug.

Auto Telephone

  • Guiding specification: TEC/GR/CP/TEL-002/06.
  • Operates from central battery power drawn from line.
  • LED for indicating Off-Hook condition.
  • Complete 4x3 tactile membrane keypad as per CCITT norm.
  • Redial memory lasts an hour even after disconnection.
  • Complete speech and dialling circuitry.
  • Standard ringing system during On-Hook condition.
  • Connection through middle 2 pins of 6 Pin Plug.