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nurse call system


Audio-Visual Nurse Call System

The Nightingale 16-B is a trend-setting nurse call system with many unique features such as:

Call Announcement
The bed numbers of calling patients are announced at the Nurse Unit by a pleasant recorded voice.
The nurse need not look for displays to locate the calling bed.
Door indicators are not essential.
The voice announcement will continue intermittently and can be turned off only at the originating patient’s Call Unit, ensuring that the nurse visits his bedside.

Audio-Visual Nurse Unit
Houses the announcement and display systems. The bed numbers are programmed into plug-in chips and can be played thousands of times without deterioration.
The numbers can be in the language of your choice or from your own dictation. Also, they can be easily replaced if the beds are reorganized.

Multi -Function Call Unit
A green LED glows continuously to indicate system okay and for easy location in the dark. It turns red when activated.
A single tap on the CALL button activates the request for a nurse. The small RESET button is pressed to turn it off.
A universal EP socket is provided for connect- ing a Bed Switch (if the bed is at a distance from the wall) or the port of a compatible medical gadget so that it’s alert may be conveyed to the nurse.
Only single pair wiring is required per Call Unit.
Output terminals are provided behin the unit to power a door indicator lamp if necessary.

Functional Display Board
A large LED is allocated for each bed and turns on when the patient taps his CALL switch. Names of the patients can be written beside the LEDs so that the nurse can identify the calling patient even before leaving for his bedside.

Fail -Safe System
All Call Units and their connecting wires are monitored continuously. If a fault occurs, a small red LED will turn on beside the assigned number on the Nurse Unit and a buzzer will begin to beep, alerting the nurse.
An alarm located at the supervisor’s room is acti-vated if the power supply ceases or is turned off.

Custom Terminal Block
The comprehensive and well marked Terminal Block provides uncluttered and efficient termination for all the wiring, ensuring tidiness, simple installation and easy maintenance

Extra Capabilities
Announcements such as FIRE ALARM, CODE BLUE, AMBULANCE ARRIVED, etc. can be programmed and triggered from dedicated Call Units.
Through a simple interface, the Nurse Unit can be connected to a computer for tasks such as logging nurse activity and alarms for medication.
The circuitry works on 12V DC and consumes very little power, permitting easy back-up.
The system is modular and can be easily reconfigured. New features can be added as and when they are developed.

Easy InstallationAll the units are ‘connect-and-use’ and can easily be installed by your in-house electrician.

High Quality
The entire system can work continuously without regular servicing. Durability is ensured by using selected components, systematic production and rigorous stage-wise testing.
The system is designed and produced by Telereach, a manufacturer of communication products for critical & intensive areas such as railways, mines, defense and hospitals.