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Signal post telephone system

Signal Post Telephone System

For Home Signalling

The Home Signal Telephone System is a reliable and convenient wired link for the station master to communicate with outdoor crew and drivers of arriving trains. It also enables the station master to monitor the sounds of running trains and activity at the outdoor location.

The system consists of two devices; an outdoor unit known as a or Signal PostTelephone or SPT and it's indoor pair called the Station Master's Console or SMC

Handsets are not used at either unit. Voice is conveyed by loud-speaker - microphone. The communication system is semi-duplex.

A single pair of dedicated wires between the two units suffices for all functions of the system and power supply of 12 Volts DC is required only at the SMC.

The SMC is a robust and ergonomic desk-top or wall- hanging set. It provides push-button controls for calling, monitoring and speaking.